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Co -Ed Intermediate

6 - 16 yrs old

Our Co-Ed Intermediate class is tailored for athletes who have successfully completed our beginner program or have demonstrated prior intermediate gymnastics experience. This class is exclusive, requiring invitation or evaluation to join, ensuring a cohesive group of athletes ready to advance.

In this class, athletes delve deeper into the world of gymnastics, focusing on mastering advanced skills and techniques across various events. The curriculum is structured to challenge and refine each participant's abilities, building upon their existing foundation of gymnastics knowledge.

Emphasis is placed on precision, strength, and technique enhancement, preparing athletes for more competitive gymnastics endeavors. Our experienced instructors provide personalized guidance and feedback, fostering a supportive environment where athletes can thrive and achieve their gymnastics goals.

Ages: 6 to 16 yrs old

Monthly tuition for our weekly classes is $120, with a $75 registration fee per student upon enrollment or annual membership. Each class lasts 50 minutes and meets once a week. Classes are ongoing and automatically renew unless you request withdrawal. Billing occurs on the first of each month; please notify us at least 15 days in advance if you wish to drop a class.

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