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5+ yrs old

This will be a class geared towards TOPs-style conditioning with a smattering of gymnastics and fun! If your child is passionate about gymnastics and wants to improve their strength and flexibility, this class is a good fit. It will serve as a PreTeam class in terms of preparing the kids physically for success in competition. Skills like aerials are much easier with a foundation of strength and flexibility, and gymnasts should compete only when they are mentally and physically ready. Some of our goals prior to considering competition are a 30-second handstand hold and 5 straddle L presses.


Open to Ages 5+



  • Passion for gymnastics

  • 12-foot rope climb

  • Handstand

  • Approval after taking a trial class


The monthly charge for our weekly classes is set at $160. Each class session spans a duration of 110 minute and occurs once a week. It is important to note that these classes are ongoing and will automatically roll over unless you submit a request to withdraw from a specific class. Our billing cycle operates on the first day of each month, and we kindly ask that you inform us at least 15 days in advance should you wish to drop a class.

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