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< 3 yrs old

In our TOTS classes, your child will embark on an exciting journey into the world of gymnastics. They will be introduced to basic gymnastics positions and terminology, laying the foundation for their future skills. Our classes are designed to develop essential motor skills through playful and engaging activities encouraging positive parent-child engagement!

Children will have the opportunity to explore our gymnastics gym and equipment, discovering new ways to move and interact with their surroundings. With the guidance of both their parent(s) and our experienced instructors, your child will gain confidence and coordination in a supportive environment. Each session is structured to ensure safety and enjoyment, fostering a love for physical activity and the basics of gymnastics from an early age.

Ages: 3 yrs and under 

Punch Passes: 

Punch Passes are available for purchase for $25 or x5 for $100. Punch passes are a passive enrollment option for families with limited or varying availability. Buying these passes gives the option for you and your child to “drop-In” for any of our TOTS classes throughout the week.

Monthly tuition for our weekly classes is $90, with a $75 registration fee per student upon enrollment or annual membership. Each class lasts 50 minutes and meets once a week. Classes are ongoing and automatically renew unless you request withdrawal. Billing occurs on the first of each month; please notify us at least 15 days in advance if you wish to drop a class.

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