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Tramp & Tumbling 1

6+ yrs old

Tramp & Tumbling 1 serves as the initial exploration into the world of tumbling, emphasizing foundational skills essential for both the floor and trampoline events. Athletes in this class will embark on their tumbling journey by learning fundamental moves tailored to build agility, coordination, and technique.

Through guided instruction, athletes will develop a strong understanding of basic tumbling maneuvers while participating in targeted strength exercises designed to enhance their overall performance. This foundational class sets the stage for athletes to gain confidence in their abilities and lays a solid groundwork for progression to more advanced tumbling techniques in subsequent levels.

Ages: 6 to 16 years old

Monthly tuition for our weekly classes is $120, with a $75 registration fee per student upon enrollment or annual membership. Each class lasts 50 minutes and meets once a week. Classes are ongoing and automatically renew unless you request withdrawal. Billing occurs on the first of each month; please notify us at least 15 days in advance if you wish to drop a class.

TRAMP & TUMBLING 2 (6+ yrs old):

This class is the next step in advancing tumbling skills, focusing on intermediate techniques for both floor and trampoline events. Athletes will build on their foundational moves, learning more complex tumbling sequences and specific strength exercises to enhance their performance. The emphasis will be on refining techniques and increasing strength to prepare for higher-level skills.

TRAMP & TUMBLING 3 (6+ yrs old):

This class is designed for athletes who are ready to master advanced techniques in both floor and trampoline events. Building on the skills learned in previous levels, students will focus on complex tumbling sequences and advanced strength training exercises. The emphasis will be on perfecting techniques, achieving higher difficulty levels, and preparing for competitive performance.

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