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In our preschool class, your child will learn the fundamentals of being a little gymnast. They will learn basic skills on each event while having fun and learning safety rules. This class is mostly focused on your child's comprehensive skills and safety while having fun!

Co -Ed Advanced

Athletes who have completed our co-ed intermediate program and are six years old or older are eligible for the co-ed advanced class.


This will be a class geared towards TOPs-style conditioning with a smattering of gymnastics and fun!

Co-Ed Beginner

The co-ed beginner class is for gymnasts ages six and up, who have never taken a gymnastics class before or who have taken some recreational sessions in the past. All athletes will be evaluated and placed in the correct class if necessary.

Tumbling 1

This class is the first step into tumbling and will mostly focus on the fundamentals. Athletes will learn the basic moves for tumbling and will focus on specific strength exercises to help them with their tumbling.

Co -Ed Intermediate

Athletes aged six and older who have either completed our co-ed beginner class or who have previously done Level 3 and Level 4 sessions are eligible to participate in our co-ed intermediate class.

Adult Fitness Hybrid

An adult fitness class that implements basic gymnastics strength and conditioning exercises to help meet your fitness goals and improve your quality of life!


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