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About Us

Founded in 2023, "I Flip Gymnastics" is the manifestation of a burning passion for gymnastics and a commitment to nurturing the next generation of athletes. We started this journey with a simple goal: to provide a supportive, inclusive, and engaging environment where every child can explore the exciting world of gymnastics. At I Flip Gymnastics, we believe in the transformative power of coaching, not just to develop skills, but to instill values of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. Our team is dedicated to helping children discover their potential, achieve their personal best, and flip towards a future filled with health and confidence. 

Meet The Team




Siavash's own journey in the sport began at an early age, culminating in a series of prestigious competitive accolades including numerous first-place titles and recognition as an All-Star gymnast.

Recognizing the potential in others, Siavash transitioned into coaching, leveraging his personal experiences to develop and inspire the next generation of gymnasts. Under his guidance, his teams consistently performed at an exceptional level, frequently securing first place in competitions, even against formidable opponents like Stanford at state championships.




Say hello to Jocelyn, a native of Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico and fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Dance and education have been central to her journey. Having swayed to the rhythm of jazz for three years, she then pursued her academic aspirations at De Anza high school in Pinole, marking the first milestone in her educational journey. Currently, she finds herself engrossed in the academic world of Contra Costa College, where she is paving the way for her future in international business.

Jocelyn also has a profound love for the natural world. Whether it's feeling the grains of sand at the beach or the challenging ascents during long hikes, her adventurous spirit truly shines through.




Alyla fell in love with gymnastics at three, a passion that spurred her to compete for five years. This experience led her to coach recreational gymnastics, where she channeled her knowledge to nurture budding gymnasts. Her favorite thrill? Flipping through the air in the Floor event, a testament to her enduring love for the sport.




Mina, an accomplished gymnast with 12 years of competitive experience, is a fitness professional with an impressive background in physiology, a discipline she majored in at UC Davis. After graduation, she applied her skills in the real world, working as a physical therapy aide in Concord.

Mina is currently enhancing her credentials by pursuing a personal training certification, positioning her for future enrollment in physical therapy school. Her passions aren't confined to fitness alone; Mina finds joy in the arts, maintains a love for gardening, and cherishes moments spent with her dogs.




Growing up in the Bay Area, Nathan began his gymnastics and martial arts training at the age of seven. This early love for sports not only shaped his childhood but also inspired his career path. By 21, he had transitioned into coaching, driven by a desire to share the joy and excitement he found in athletics with the next generation.


Now, with four years of coaching experience under his belt, Nathan dedicates his efforts to nurturing young talents. Drawing from his own experiences as an athlete, he guides his students towards excellence, hoping to instill in them the same love for the sport that has defined his own journey.

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