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Upcoming PreTeam Tryouts

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

This will be a class geared towards TOPs-style conditioning with a smattering of gymnastics and fun! If your child is passionate about gymnastics and wants to improve their strength and flexibility, this class is a good fit. It will serve as a PreTeam class in terms of preparing the kids physically for success in competition. Skills like aerials are much easier with a foundation of strength and flexibility, and gymnasts should compete only when they are mentally and physically ready. Some of our goals prior to considering competition are a 30-second handstand hold and 5 straddle L presses.

Open to Ages 5+


● Passion for gymnastics

● 12-foot rope climb

● Handstand

● Approval after taking a trial class

Trial Classes:

● Thursday August 10th 4:30-6pm and 6:30-8pm

● Tuesday August 15th 4:30-6pm and 6:30-8pm

● Thursday August 31st 4:30-6pm and 6:30-8pm

Cost: $40 per trial class

Email with questions



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